Hello and welcome to my humble cradle …

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It’s so great to see you here.

Feel free to roam around my place and explore the wonders and beauty of the love that is flowing through each page and posts that I myself have humbly created.

Each blog post is made with simplicity yet with much care and passion making sure that each and every detail jotted down is pure and unique to the best that I can.

MyTinyTalks is a website where we would like to let every parent and individual understand that mindfulness and inner healing is the most compelling way to empower connections within the family and to parenting itself.


Each article is lovingly dedicated to amazing parents around the globe, though I believe that this is also a good read to every individual who is in direct contact with children. Here at MyTinyTalks, every nanny, teacher and anyone who is needing a dose of motivation,  a spark of mindfulness, a lot of encouragement and sparkles of positivity is always welcome for a good read.

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May this site be a source of inspiration to every individual who stumbles upon each lovingly made post, and if found helpful, be able to share to someone who may be in need of a quick kick too…


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I don’t know who you are and what you are facing, but here at MyTinyTalks, we know and recognise that you have a role in this world. That is to bring up this beautiful child in you and be an instrument to his inborn greatness and unique personality.

This is and was the same role and purpose our parents had and now is entrusted to our care.

So join us as we travel this journey with rainbows and cheers. Together let us make parenting a joyful, loving, stress-free and fun journey.

A Filipina based in Switzerland, a blogger, an entrepreneur and an unstoppable mom who has a passion to empower parents all around the globe, letting each one of us know that

” Hey, you are important. You are loved. You are enough.”

A mom who has a mission of spreading out to the world that inner healing and mindfulness is the key to achieving a life that each one of us deserves.

Denise Kupper (Founder of MyTinyTalks)

Welcome to Healing to Empower
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