These Before-Getting-Out-of-Bed Morning Rituals that I do everyday just takes about 10minutes ( or a maximum of 15 when I am so excited and driven to go on and talk about my affirmations, morning gratitude and goals.) So literally, I set my alarm at 6 am and get out of bed by 6:15 am to complete the rest of my morning routine.

In another article that I wrote, 10-morning habits to awaken your greatness. I have written of the same topic which is about forming a daily practice of transforming yourself into a morning person. I am unstoppable in talking about this topic because I believe that this is an activity that we need to include if we want to form a new pattern to our way of life. If we want to be more efficient, productive and prosperous in all aspects, let’s put a little effort into doing a few adjustments to our day instead of just planning and planning and just planning.

Here at MyTinyTalks we would like to help you form a habit of doing a morning ritual that will help us give more direct control over our thoughts, emotions and our life in general. The first 10-15 minutes that we have upon waking up is very important and because this is where we will make a strategic plan for our day. A plan that will give us an overview of what we want to happen for this specific day that will definitely affect our tomorrow’s.

A day without a plan is a messed up day. – Tony Robbins

1. Be an Early Riser

According to former US President, Barack Obama, if you want to be more productive and efficient all throughout the day, wake up before the whole world does and enjoy the tranquility, silence and stillness of the morning.

As I mentioned earlier, I make great effort to wake up at 6:15 in the morning. I won’t lie that it is a struggle and I am working on it. But making a firm decision and fulfilling a promise you made to yourself is one way to push you out of bed and start working in achieving a goal.

  • Alarm breaks the silence at 6 am.
  • I turn it off and take a deep breath.
  • Good morning, Denise! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
  • Still with eyes closed, I slowly slide my way to the edge of the bed to rest my back on the wall.
  • And this is where my beautiful morning routine starts.

Even personalities like Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama and to as early as Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin (and the list goes on and on) truly testify to the successful truth over following a morning routine.

Your first decisions for the day are the most important decisions that will shape you. So make a firm decision of immediately waking up to start the day right. – Mel Robbins

REMINDER: No Electronics or mobile phones until after an hour or two

This is a challenge for many of us who are used to picking up our phone upon opening our eyes. A few minutes after gliding your fingers to turn off the alarm gives you that tempting feel to hit that home button, check notifications, email updates, social media, news etc.

The thing is, allowing this practice of starting your day by checking your  phone updates means inviting early morning distractions. This forces us to bring out a reaction that our mind and body isn’t ready for in the morning. Waking up with a rested and calm mind, body and spirit calls for a calm and gradual start of the morning.

Who would want a morning shock that will make you jump out of bed after reading a post? Or upon reading a triggering and hateful news online, what usually happens? We get out of bed grumpy, feeling annoyed and negatively triggered

These and many other distractions will definitely give a strong influence to your morning, your mood, your mind and hijacks your subconscious all throughout the day.

After our sleep cycle, we naturally wake up with a clear mind, heart and soul. And in a few millisecond’s comes all distractions bombarding our minds (if we allow it). IF we don’t know how to control and manage our thoughts and emotions upon waking up and being conscious, then our mind starts focusing on distractions.

Start your day with a calm and clear mind. Make time for self-care and meditation training first before anything else.

Our phones is our tool to communicate but what’s clearly happening now is that we are becoming the tool of our phones. It controls us instead of us controlling it. – Mel Robbins

2. Good Morning, Higher Self.

Still, with eyes almost half open, I greet my inner self  with a tender and loving smile. Saying, “Good morning, Denise.”  I always love saying hello to that gorgeous ME and talk about my goals and plans for the day.

3. Practice your morning gratitude

Saying your morning gratitude and being appreciative of even the simplest and smallest things you have unlocks positive vibes and energy. Creating an attitude of gratitude will bring about wonderful miracles in our life.

Having a regular morning ritual of being grateful for life, for loved ones, for a safe and secure house, for waking up to another promising day enlivens our thoughts and prepares our hearts to the day that is awaiting us.

The more we express gratitude for the things that we have (and what we don’t have yet) at the present moment, the more easy and free things will come our way.

Below are simple guidelines to use for your morning gratitude.

  • 3 simple things you are grateful for at that present moment. Your bed, your pillow, your deep sleep, dreamy night.
  • 3 or more people that you are most grateful for and then send them love.
  • 3 people who is quite heavy in the heart, people you might have hurt or who hurt you. Bless them and send them love.
  • 3 important roles that you play every day. A parent, a manager, a nanny, a teacher. Bless your role and the people that you will be interacting with for the day and send them love.

Send out your sincere love and gratitude to all you have mentioned in this part of your morning routine. Breathe in and smile from your heart.

Thank the Divine Being for all these beautiful encounters that is set on your path.

4. Meditation

A common question asked when we talk about meditation is, “What should I think when I need to meditate?”

Eric Ho, an American architect and motivational vlogger described meditation as being in a state of nothingness. 

I perceive this to be in a state of calmness, peace and tranquility. Nothingness is said to be the absence of something, therefore, I look at it as the absence of my worries, fear, doubts, mental noise etc.

How do I get there? In preparation for meditation, I do

  • Deep diaphragm breathing until I can feel that I am relaxed. 3-4X
  • As I exhale, I become aware of the sound of air that exits my mouth.
  • I feel my chest and shoulder relax at the same time as I exhale.
  • Eventually, this feeling brings me to a calm state.
  • At this point, I always think of things that calm my mind, body, spirit and heart
    • An infant’s enchanting smile while at sleep.
    • The stillness of the ocean
    • The calmness of the clear blue sky.
    • The feel of freedom every bird has as they swiftly fly to and fro.

At this point of calmness, I feel deep joy, contentment and freedom. Meditation is an important part of my morning ritual that I don’t even want to miss.

5. Goal Setting

Goal setting is a great way to start thinking and planning your day, it enables us to create our future in advance. Making goals shapes our lives and gives us a better glimpse and picture on how our day will go by. I suggest that you do this, particularly after meditation.

  • When your mind is relaxed and calm, you have better control over your thoughts and emotions.
  • This will allow us not to get overwhelmed while reflecting on the things we want to achieve and accomplish within the day.

According to Tony Robbins, your goals should be compelling enough to get you out of bed and be excited to seize the day. Ask yourself what is the one thing that needs to be done today? The one thing that really matters to me? And know why you want to reach this goal.

Limitations are the ones that is stopping us from our goal.

What is the importance of goal setting?

1. Goals work because thoughts create things

2. You are acknowledging that where you are right now is a place where you are not comfortable to be… Discontentment /dissatisfaction will give you the drive to find things that will make you move to where you want to be

Thrive to a Better You

Making a decision to show up each morning to life, is a decision of you taking charge and getting in control of your wonderful self and your future. Most of us often deny ourselves of this transformational practice. Reasons being, I have no time, I need more sleep, I can do that after etc.

In this busy and destructive world, give yourself a chance to appreciate life. A few minutes of doing self-care, meditation and mindfulness is a reward each one of us owes and needs to give back to ourselves.

If you don’t have 10 minutes to prime up your life, then you don’t have a life” – Tony Robbins

Parents, Take Charge: 5 Before-Getting-Out-of-Bed Morning Rituals to a Better You

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