From my previous article of Parents, Take Charge: 10 Morning Habits to Awaken the Greatness in You, here is the continuation of that write up. I hope you are truly enjoying the read.

Remember, our goal is to become effective parents. Effective, in a sense that we are fulfilling our family, professional and social life with boldness, ease and grace fueled by our fully charged greatness. Wouldn’t it be even better if this greatness radiates and beautifully contaminate the people around us? So parents, lets go ahead and work on ourselves. Let us continue and awaken the greatness in us for a change and for a better world.

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6. My Affirmations and Mantra for the Day

Prepping my mind, body and soul for the day, I make it a point to say a morning affirmation. This is a self-empowerment phrase that declares and clearly states who you are and who you want to become.


  • I am worthy, important and soooo enough.
  • I am love, I am loved and I radiate love all throughout the day.
  • I am bold, I am brave, I am worthy and so enough.

And to help me calm down in times of stress, confusion or tension, I set my mind to a Mantra that I will be using for the day. A mantra is a repetitive motto, a slogan or a phrase that you use to guide yourself for the day. A helpful phrase to be mentally repeated in times of confusion, stress and doubt.

When stress hits me, I take a few deep breaths. Be mindful of my thoughts and feelings. Calm myself down. And say to myself a mantra that strongly resonates in me for that particular situation.


  • Denise, all is well. We are strong.
  • I can do it.
  • God is within me, I am still.
  • All is well, Denise. All is well.
  • Focus, Denise. Focus.

7. Start every single day with a purpose.

  • Look into your days’ goal. What are the things that you want to accomplish.
  • Always have 3 main goals each day to focus your mind on.
  • And last but not least, ask yourself WHAT GOOD SHALL I DO TODAY? Ask your higher/inner self to guide your intuitions and help you make better decisions as you seize the day.

Everyday, I ask for God’s blessings. “Use me, O Father, to inspire, give love and show love to those in need.”

8. Breakfast with my Soul Mate and Lovely kiddos

Between 7:45 to 8 am, I make sure I am already indoors. Now, I am all primed up for the day. My mind is set to face the world, have a good conversation, and ready to make mindful decisions.

A time when I am all pumped up to enjoy my “petit-dejeuner” with the whole family.

  • During breakfast, I always make sure to ask my husband and children what are the plans they have for the day. Indirectly helping them set their minds to focus on their days’ goal is one of my primary and morning objective.

9. Emails, Online News and Social media… yikes!

Hmm let me tell you one thing, I am still working on #8 and #9.

Still working on beating the temptation to have a quick browse on my emails, social media accounts, the weather etc. Sometimes I give a quick peek on my phone first while my husband and kids aren’t ready for breakfast. Sooooooo tempting but working on it.

However, this will be the very first minute that I will be looking into my phone to check into emails, news etc. ALTHOUGH I still use my phone (YouTube) for my everyday guided exercise routine, I just make sure not to get distracted by incoming notifications until I finish stating my affirmations, doing my meditations and finishing my inner-self talk.

10. Feed your Brain: Read!

I am not a fan of books. I prefer watching videos or movies over flicking through pages and reading. I don’t know why but I just can’t focus.

But ever since I started my journey to empowerment, I made sure that I practice reading a book even just for a minimum of 20 minutes per day. It wasn’t easy to start but now, no matter how much I get confused and distracted in the process, I don’t easily give up as I often do before.

  1. This time I take a deep breath and meditate even just for a minute or two.
  2. Ground myself to the present moment (Denise, it is time to read. Focus.)
  3. And then get back to reading and concentrate.

Today, with much content, I go around with a book at hand most of the time. I understand that making it a habit to set aside 20 minutes of my day to nourish my beautiful brain is a step towards my long term success.

There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island. — Walt Disney

Benefits of Daily Reading (20 minutes minimum)

  1. Improves mental health.
  2. Increases vocabulary.
  3. Increases general Knowledge.
  4. Improves writing skills.
  5. Increases one’s confidence.
  6. Improves focus and concentration.
  7. Increases imagination and creativity.

Self-care is a Superpower

According to research, it takes 66 days to form a habit. Therefore, if we want to practice developing morning habits to help you awaken your greatness, we have to have a firm decision by telling ourselves that “I want to change. I will change and I am ready for a change.”

Most often than not, we think of how we can love and serve others better each day. How can I serve and show others how much I care for them? Let me answer you with a very powerful and well-known quote, (and I have stated this in one of my previous blogs). One cannot pour from an empty cup. It simply means that no matter how much you want to give love if you have not filled up your self-love meter then there is no genuine love to give out.

Therefore, awaken that inborn power of love and greatness that you have. Take these simple yet significant and transformational self-care habits seriously and see the pleasing wonders it will bring in your life.

Self-care is how you can take your power to love back and face the challenging world with courage and confidence.

Parents, Take Charge: 10 Morning Habits to Awaken the Greatness in You (Part 2)

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