Congratulations! Clicking into this article and making a strong decision to go ahead and read about morning habits to awaken your greatness is already a decision made for change. A beautiful sign that you are ready to take charge, stand up and be that parent who will lead his flock into their unknown greatness.

However, work has to start from within before anything else. And as parents, finding a ME-time is a struggle. With all the unending task that is set for the day, (professional tasks, home duties, kids etc) wrestling with time just to make space for oneself is a strain. 

Here at MyTinyTalks, allow us to introduce to you 10 very simple morning habits that will bring an impact not only to your parenting skills but also will make a good influence on your personal life. Dominated by self-love and mindfulness, our goal is to possess a life lived with a clear purpose that will radiate with unselfish love to your family and to the people around you.  

“We are not called by God to do extraordinary things, but to do ordinary things with extraordinary love. -Jean Vanier


1. Waking up On Time

The very first decision we make in the morning is the very thing that will shape our day and furthermore, our future. 

Now, guess what is the very first decision we make for the day? Yup, you guessed it right…the decision of either waking up or pressing on that snooze button.

So c’ mon, be brave… Be bold and give your snooze button a break this time… 

Training myself to be a morning person, my usual wake-up time was 8:30 am. Now, I have made a firm decision by getting out of bed at 6 am and so far I am doing it! Hurray! Surprisingly, I even wake up before my alarm rings. 

Before sleep, part of my routine is to set my mind and talk to my inner self of my plans for the next day. Therefore, I tell her that I am waking up at 6 am because of a very important engagement…  my ME time and I cannot afford to be late. 


Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise Benjamin Franklin


2. Get up, dress up and put on your training shoes. 


  • Once your alarm turns on, take a few minutes to say your morning gratitudes, affirmations and goals.
    • This usually takes me 10-15 minutes maximum. Read 5 Before-Getting-Out-of-Bed Morning Ritual
    • And besides, from a medical point of view, immediately standing or getting out of bed may cause Orthostatic Hypotension. Meaning, there isn’t enough blood in the brain yet to sustain the oxygen needed to stand up and stay conscious. Therefore, giving the body a few minutes to gradually recover from sleep will be a healthful practice to do every morning. 

My mindful practice:  Upon hitting the alarm, I take advantage of this time to do my breathing exercises, give myself a nice stretch and then after, do my Before-Getting-Out-Of-Bed routine.


  • Get up, dress up and be ready for exercise. Exercise pumps you. It helps you start your day with more energy, confidence, a fresh mind and better focus.
    • Upon waking up, (with eyes still half-open) I often do arm stretching exercises as I pave my way to the toilet. 
  • Freshen up.
    • Splashing cold water to my face helps me liven up and takes me out from the sleepy mood to a more active and ready-for-action feel. 
  • A glass of water before commencing. This is a good way to replenish and hydrate the body before each training session. 


Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in. -Jim Rohn


3. Higher self, I am ready!


Having a little talk with my inner self is a regular thing I constantly do. This is one of the most important part of my motivation routine. I strongly believe that taking time to have a small talk with one’s inner self is powerful. You are a team who is working for your betterment, therefore telling her of your planned action is a good way to start. 

  • As I fix my hair, I acknowledge and say good morning to my inner self.
  • Tell her how beautiful she is in the morning.
  • Remind her that I love her so much, telling her that she is my favourite best friend.
  • Also, I boast to her how easy it was to pull myself out of bed. (Uh-huh with a wink!)
  • I get a good smile as I ask her if she’s ready for the morning…because I am.


Today I will love myself enough to exercise. Anonymous


4. Exercise, Stretching and a sumptuous breath of fresh air.


I start my day with a 30-45mins of indoor training plus a few minutes of outdoor walks for a breath of invigorating fresh air. 

So here is where all the action takes place. Altogether, this part of my activity takes a maximum of 45 minutes.


  • I start with my stretching routine. (10 mins)
  • Stationary bike exercise or jogging. (20mins) 
  • Calm and relaxed walking (15 mins) for the intention of listening to natures music, indulging myself with a sumptuous breath of fresh air and enjoy the coolness of the morning. Just savouring the moment.

5. Mental Exercise: An Indespensable and Less Valued Form of Training 


After my physical exercise, a few minutes of mental training completes the routine. Mental training is somehow undervalued by many, not knowing of the profound effect it will bring in our lives. Mindfulness meditation and some quiet time dedicated to myself is truly an indispensable moment, a must-do that cannot be replaced by any other activity. 

With so many distractions surrounding our everyday lives, savouring silence and peace allows our mind, body and spirit to regain its prowess and strength to overcome life’s continuous distraction to our inner being. Always remember that a peaceful soul helps us regain and replenish that lost greatness that we were innately born with. And a peaceful and joyous soul brings about a peaceful mind and body. All three are highly interdependent of each other and can’t function well without the other.

I start this activity as I take my calm walks or as a sit still in a tranquil spot right after my exercise. This is the moment when I express my heartfelt thank you’s to God (Divine Being, Creator, Father, Universe, Supreme being or however you refer to Him) and to my inner self for once again for keeping up with me during my morning training.

With closed eyes and a smile, I always make it a point to say my morning gratitudes.

  • Thank you O Father, that I am successfully on my __th day of training.
  • I am so grateful for the strength and determination you have blessed me with to finish my morning routine.
  • Thank you for the well functioning exercise tools and equipment that I have with me.
  • Thank you for the water that freshens me up. 

My mental exercise includes listening to birds chirping, feeling the cool and crisp air touching my face, the trees swaying. And just savouring the stillness, the silence and the present moment. Saying my big thanks to God for mister Sun, for the freshness of the morning, and for the beautiful feeling I have whenever I am alone with Him. 


Embracing the stillness, peace and quiet of every day will effectively bring about more genuine souls, loving hearts and mindful thoughts for a better and peaceful world. 


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