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The challenges of being a role model parent is tough and toxic especially when stress, anxiety and self-doubt comes in the way. Our children know and feel us well, which is why they know if we are troubled, excited, worried or calm. With their strong vibrational instincts, they could recognise our state and react accordingly to that. 

In general, adults play a very important role in a child’s life. As a carer, teacher or parent, these little ones look up to us respectively as they bravely take each step towards their future. They are guided by our ways on how we approach our day to day lives. They look up to us just like their favourite superheroes.

Here at MyTinyTalks, we would like to give you some insights on how we could live up to those superhero expectations. Equally approaching parenting with boldness and courage and effectively performing our task as role models to these smart and sneaky little ones will be a good and convincing way to start. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear them say to the world, Daddy you are my superhero. I love you!

“ Daddy, you are my superhero. I love you!”



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Yes, yes, yes, this happens and don’t be in shock…

Our mannerisms will be their future mannerisms, our language will be their future language, our habits will be their future habits. Needless to say, that they will be our Mini-Me’s! Surprise surprise!

So here is a warning, don’t underestimate these sneaky ones, they are observant and great pretenders! (in a positive light.)

( music fades in: Wo..hoo..ho Yes! I’m a great pretender… Ohoo woo..oo)

  • Even when busy playing, they pretend not to be listening but is still attentive to what daddy is talking about. Listening to Mommy chit-chatting with the neighbours even though in a crowd.
  • They imitate whatever repetitive hand-action the teacher is always doing or that funny line her nanny usually says when she is surprisingly tickled by her little one.
  • Each time 5-year-old Anthony sees his 16-year-old brother giving a high-five every time he gets excited is a mannerism he will one day be doing soon.
  • Or Linda cursing and screaming over the phone as she excitedly speaks to her girlfriends while babysitting 6 y/o Gabrielle, is a red flag ….. hmmm, something to think about.

Therefore, being mindful of how we are as parents, carers and teachers in the presence of these little ones is very important and pivotal because we play a very influential part to their future wholesomeness.

So be veeeery careful with your actions if your sweet sneaky ones are around.



(And keep in mind that you TRULY are.) 

“ To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you are the world.”

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I have been talking about superheroes here but ok, let’s face it, we are no Wonderwoman, Thor, nor Spiderman. Some may be Einstein but not all. So let’s calm down, breathe and not overdo things that are beyond our capabilities.

As a mom, each family member looks up to you and that includes Daddy expecting you to tell him where the nappies are hidden or where the baby shoe just flew off … coz they think you have all the answers.

And surprisingly, we know! Uhrmm..that make us cool of course..wink wink!

But did you ever realize that we actually play different roles to our little ones (LO)? That we need to wear different faces to them each time and every time?

  • A parent
  • A nanny
  • A teacher
  • A playmate
  • And funny enough, an information center.
  • LO: But why, mommy?
  • Mommy: Because planes need to bring people to far away places.
  • LO: But why do they need to go to far away places, mommy?
  • Mommy: Because some people do that for their living.
  • LO: But why, mommy?
  • Mommy: Because ….

Our role as a parent, nanny and /or teacher to a child is vital which is why we need to keep our minds, hearts and souls strong, healthy and calm.

We need to build up lots of patience and understanding too because these kids look up to us so much that they think we have all the solutions and answers to their mind-boggling questions and have the power to overrule the world!


( … they seem like senior citizens disguised in baby suits, believe me.)

My now 14-year-old niece once asked me, this was when she was 8-years-old. Her mind-boggling question was how to get the atomic number of a certain chemical element?!?

Chemistry??? Are you even serious?

How in the world could she come up with these questions? Why doesn’t she just ask how many tentacles does an octopus have?

Uhmmmm…dumbfounded and lost, I quickly consulted Mr Google.

Lucky enough we both were living in different continents that in a few clicks, I gave her a good answer…whew!

The best answer I could ever find. “I love you, Mr Google!”

In a few minutes, she answered, “ Thank you aunt, now I understand it better. You’re cool!” I asked mom, and she didn’t know how to do it.

(of course, my sister didn’t have time to google it up, hah! That makes me the cool one!)

Followed by a thumbs up!

It felt great after. Like, “ uhrmm… I’m a cool aunt, indeed.”

But here is the catch, she has a twin sister! When I visited them last year, she was running after me with this Table of Chemical Elements in her hand!

Oh nooo!

But the reality is, they look up to us so much because they feel that we could help them in any way.

Children think that we have answers to all their why’s, what’s and their how’s and easily find solutions to their tricky problems. Therefore, in situations like this…patience is a real virtue. Putting on your “smart cap” is always an urgency with these types of encounters.


(Self-healing is a superpower too!)

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Headaches, body pains, tiredness and the long list goes on. Parenting is a tough, 24/7 duty with no day-offs and as much as possible no sick leaves.

Therefore, we need to be fit and strong … mind, body and spirit. You are a role model, remember? Thus, we need to take care of ourselves same way as to how we would like our children to be taking care of themselves too. 

Healing ourselves by being mindful of our inner self and feeling good about who, what, and how we are, is truly important as these behaviours will be our charm that can calm down disturbed hearts.

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Inner healing will be a very helpful element not only to our parenting skills but a very helpful factor to actively connect to others inner being :

  • Allowing yourself to be entirely connected to your child’s inner space.
  • Actively being present and available to your spouse.
  • Entirely focused and undistracted while with friends and/or colleagues.

Positive self-motivation is a practice that you cannot develop overnight and is often overlooked by many. By starting one step at a time, this will soon bring positive results and eventually, these beautiful skills that you will develop will show and radiate to the people surrounding you influencing them positivity and good motivation too.

How, When and Where should you start? Yourself.


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This time, let’s try to relax and be imaginative.

Take off that adult hat for a second.

Breathe in and feel that creative and imaginative child in you once again.

Close your eyes as you say…

I am an adorable superhero!”

Aha! I got you there! Did you see yourself with that sexy superhero suit too?

One hand on waist and another hand raised, showing full of strength and power? Did you?

Coz we are the uncaped superheroes indeed.

And again, to be effective superheroes to our kiddos, we need to work on listening, healing and being best friend’s with our inner self to achieve that strong mind, body and spirit goal.

So if you are ready, let’s go ahead and face the challenges of this role we have and start saving the world!

Did you enjoy this post? Share us your superhero thoughts or funny encounters too! Comment and leave us a message below… Cheers!

Parenting and the Challenges of Being a Role Model Parent
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2 thoughts on “Parenting and the Challenges of Being a Role Model Parent

  • June 20, 2019 at 8:13 pm

    This is a great read and I have to say you were spot on. I agree, being a parent means we play different roles to our kids and whatever that is, the reward we could have is to hear them say that we are the BEST..Coming from my daughters saying I am the best baker in the whole universe makes me realize I had hit the jackpot..And YES we are their superheroes..

    I love you to bits Denise, you made me realize how important I am to my girls and how I should work on myself more..😘😘

    • June 22, 2019 at 7:46 pm

      Hi Diane,

      I am so grateful for your message. I am glad that this article has given you some light and love as that is my whole heart purpose… to inspire and motivate. Thank you so much once again and hope to see you in my future posts.

      And not to forget Diane, that you are worthy and you are enough!

      Love and rainbows,


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