Parenting is a challenging yet beautiful role where our patience, self-trust and love is put on test. It is a combination where all members, both parents and children, are coming in beautiful harmony with understanding, trust, love and respect for each other.

My Aha Moment

One day, I was driving into town with my daughter and son, both young adults. On the road, I found myself driving in front of a white car that was running at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour in a 60 kilometers per hour road.

I was trying to be patient at first but then after a while, I started mumbling with an impatient tone like

“What is wrong with you? (referring to the driver of the white car)

C’mon drive!”

My daughter who was seated beside me stared at me with eyes wide open. A look as if I have said something really terrible. The next words that came out from her mouth left me dumbfounded and speechless.

She told me, “Mom, don’t forget that you were once a driver who was very tensed, scared and stressed. She might be one too, like you. So I think you have to work on your patience as to how others were patient with you before.”

Then she continued with her sermon saying “What if the person driving is not feeling well? Or just received terrible news? What if she is crying at the moment but needs to drive home?”

In a gentle way, she told me not to be selfish and practice a kind and sensitive heart.

Her words left me silent and frozen.

Like cold water splashed onto my head.

I didn’t know what to say.

After collecting my thoughts back, I finally had the courage to say sorry for my words and promised them that it won’t happen again.

Solemn and at Peace

My Turning Point

Her words hit me hard. After that trip, both my head and heart were fighting questioning myself how I have become impatient and insensitive lately. Then later on thoughts were coming back to me. Scenes and events where I had become inconsiderate to others, where my patience was tried and tested. Times when people had been so much understanding of my irrational behaviour, times when I have hurt the feelings of my family and friends but no one judged yet understood me instead.

This was my turning point.

This was the moment when I promised myself to be calm and be a better version of ME.

The day when I had a moment of reflection and a talk with my “self” telling her that I want to be back to the ME that I know.

And I was crazy serious about it.

Fast forward to now, not only my daughter and husband have seen my transformation but also my sister, (who even commended me for the improvement of my positivity and confidence) my family and friends too.

All is Well in my World. I am Enough.

Stress, anxiety and self-doubt have engulfed me before like they were all tied up to me altogether with a knot! And a double knot. And a double knot. So tight that I cannot shake them off of me and worst is I was controlled by it.

And yes, they still knock at my door until now.

But this time I did a pinky-swear with love. I promised not to let go no matter what.

It feels wonderful to freely give love and to be loved. A lot and often times I am tested, but knowing that I have my inner self to trust, I take these battles and tests with a different approach.

Someone I have met once told me that whenever I feel down, stressed or in doubt, She suggested me to do the following:

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Calm down and be one with your inner self.
  3. And to repeat this transformational mantra to me over and over until everything calms down…head and heart.

All is well in my world… I am enough.

All is well in my world… I am enough.

All is well in my world… I am enough.

This mantra has and will always be a beautiful diversion and release for me whenever I am attacked by negativities. Personally, it does help me.

Introducing my “Better Me”

I am grateful that my Aha Moment came to me through my daughter. 

Without it, I know I won’t be able to open my mind, heart and soul to the sad truth that I was soaked in. 

I believe that things happen for a reason at the right moment and at the right time.

Now, I am looking forward to this new adventure I am in. I feel happily rewired to be the best version of my “better me” now.

I know I am fragile, I may fall and stumble but with the company of my “better me,” I am ready to take the challenge.

Parenting: A Life-Changing Moment
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